I-P: Capitalism vrs. commies

Ian Welsh iangwelsh@hotmail.com
Fri, 08 Mar 2002 02:24:12

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<P>Much as the debate is tedious and I don't want to open up&nbsp;a can of worms this thread demands the simple comment that centralized control of markets and politics is not what Marx and Engels called for and that according to the central tenets of Marxism itself the Soviet Union and China and Cuba were not and never could be communist nations because you must go through industrialization and capitalism first.&nbsp; And none of them did.&nbsp; </P></DIV>
<P>The torturers of the Spanish inquisition might have called themselves Christian but Jesus would not have recognized them.&nbsp; Nor would Marx have recognized Stalin as a true Marxist.</P></DIV>
<P>(Ironic Marx quote: "I am not a marxist.")</P>
<P>P.S. And yes, Marxism is flawed, for various reasons, but that doesn't change the facts above.</P>
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