I'm trying to think like an artist but nothin' is happening

Gary Lawrence Murphy garym@canada.com
08 Mar 2002 10:43:48 -0500

>>>>> "c" == cdale  <cdale@techmonkeys.net> writes:

    c> I am only going to address the first sentence.  Yes, Michael,
    c> it does help.

Medicinal uses aside, I can only comment wearing my cognitive
psychologist hat: Repeated serious studies show no disadvantages to
ensue, no memory loss (that's an urban myth) and, most curiously, in
studies done in the Caribbean, they found one's success in business
proportional to the amount smoked (perhaps because you don't care so
much about the petty hoops their burocracies throw at you).

Wearing my rasta hat, you already know where I stand ;) but I'd add
that amateur harvesters can misunderstand the maturation cycles and
pick weed that _will_ play havoc with your nervous system.  The same
is true of amateur brewmeisters and corn-mash whiskey. Buy only from
reputable Ital sources ;)

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