Not Really RE: I-P: Capitalism vrs. commies

John Hall
Fri, 8 Mar 2002 18:49:13 -0800

Not really.  Thomas Sowell was a confirmed Marxist when he received his
first economics degree from Harvard, and he has written academically on
Marxism longer than I've been alive.  As I recall, this thesis was on Marx
and he stunned his advisor by declaring he would read the original and make
up his own mind.

True, he isn't a Marxist any longer.  But he does an admirable job
throughout the book in separating explanation and interpretation from
analysis and critique.  Even then, he never gets around to a full

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> Thomas Sowell's "Marxism" is a rather concise tour through what Marx
> wrote.

That's like asking a member of Hezbola to explain Judaism.

And if you're going to personally blame Marx for every two bit political
officer's crimes, then I guess they'll have to wait in the doc until we're
done with all the Christian writers and philosophers since there was
plenty of murder and mayhem done by people who read them.

-- whump