All Bets Are ON
Sat, 09 Mar 2002 08:15:16 EST

John Hall and I made a private bet a month or so ago: I said I believed we (the US) would find an excuse to attack North Korea.  John, I've forgotten the timeline - was it six months? And was the bet $50?  

from Slate's today's papers:
<snip> A LAT contributing writer got hold of "Nuclear Posture Review," a
top-secret report sent by the Bush administration to Congress on
January 8. The target countries named, in addition to the "axis,"
are Syria, Libya, Russia and China. "This is dynamite," says a
Washington peacenik. "I can imagine what these countries are
going to be saying at the U.N." Another adds, "Dr. Strangelove is
clearly still alive at the Pentagon." The report details the
potential use of smaller, "theater" nuclear weapons that could be
aimed at specific battle targets. Supporters argue that these
baby nukes would function as deterrents because, without fear of
devastating collateral damage, the Pentagon would not hesitate to
use them. 

According to the report, specific scenarios in which nuclear
weapons might be deployed include "the Arab-Israeli conflict, in
a war between China and Taiwan, or in an attack from North Korea
on the south." (LAT's wording.)</snip>

Of course, my first reaction was "How the hell did this get leaked?"  My second: "Is this responsible reporting?"