So what's in your CD player right now?

Joseph S. Barrera III
Sat, 9 Mar 2002 11:16:36 -0800

_Starlite Walker_ by the Silver Jews (close relation to Pavement).

- Joe

The Country Diary of a Subway Conductor 

"O get him out of there!" What if it cost 25c
to wake up in the morning? A dollar, ten dollars?
I'd pay it all the way to the poor house. It's not made
if it's made in Roanoke. Night pulling up in front of
the house like a bus. It came at me with shears. Her
sweater had faces, famouse faces knitted all over it.
The porch swing ticked off Central Daylight time.
"How many hours do you think it'll take me to smoke this
cigarette?" she said with a smile. The smell of fried
food came drifting out one of the castle windows.
"Lets go around back" I said "my brother burried some
stuff back there." We ducked down and walked through
the black bushes. My shoe made a sucking sound in 
the turf. "He can afford anything" I said "he's got
dogs that blow on trumpets." "Priests!" she cussed.
Thunder cracks over Ben Franklin's shop. Who wrapped
my dreams in a blanket and led them outside to the black
book in the yard? "Hey what indian tribe occupied
southern california? They were a lucky bunch of fellers!"
Sting Bible, More Sea Bible, Knur & Spell. In moments
downhill, towards sleep in the stillwater shop. Imagining
places I was almost sure I'd never been & had taken to
assuming were the memories of my grandfather somehow
deposited in my mind. They were there and gone, just before
I could get my bearings, catch any names or find out
where the hotel was. Just a pile of glass shavings that
could never be reassembled into the gone order
of buildings & the shade puring off of them. "WATER!"

Rebel Jew 

In the times I dream Jesus
it's like he's coming through the walls
when I'm working at my desk at night
I hear his footsteps in the hall

you can believe me not believe me
I'm just a bird upon the sill
and these words just pour right through me
like water through a mill

he was a rebel jew
he was a rebel jew
and he died for you and your sins
he was a rebel jew
he was a rebel jew
let him in

sometimes I dream of Texas
yeah, it's the biggest part of me
and the planes look like the sea at night
oh, she wants to be so free

she is a rebel state
she is a rebel state
and it's not too late for her to break
from a sick, sick union
an unhealed wound and separate

all the time I dream of Michelle
and the towers in her mind
some women lie down with killers
oh, my baby's not that kind

she is a real good girl
yeah, she's a real good girl
and she stops the world so I can't see
that she's a good, good girl
a good, good girl to me