All Bets Are ON

John Hall
Sat, 9 Mar 2002 14:57:06 -0800

1) It depends on the target.  If we need to take out the target and this is
the only way, it is what we will use.  The fact that "the rest of the world
will hate us" isn't news, they already do.
2) It also depends on who it is used upon and for what reason.  In the case
of a serious biological attack, the nukes won't necessarily be tactical.
3) They will do the van in Manhattan when they can.  Using or not using
nukes before then won't make a difference.

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On Sat, 9 Mar 2002, John Hall wrote:

> Yes, the person who leaked should spend some serious time behind bars.

Or given a medal. What next, locking up John Young? I think not.

> No, it was not responsible reporting.

Nope. You first use a nuke, even a 1 kT tac nuke somewhere in
Buttfuckistan, you're dead meat.  Because then you'll get your van, or
hirise nuke, in Manhattan, or elsewhere.  Because the whole world will
hate your guts. Me, too, in fact.

And, no, you can't prevent a determined attacker, even if everybody is
strutting down the street with an anal probe and teledetonable cranial