Paul Prescod
Sun, 10 Mar 2002 09:34:47 -0800

John Hall wrote:
> But that isn't what people are complaining about when they drag up imaginary
> 'corporations have rights that individuals don't have'.  

I don't think that rights in the law are really the problem. People use
"corporation" to mean "business venture with a lot of money." And the
problem is not really that they have more rights but that they have so
much more power than any individual. The executives of the corporation
pool the money provided by shareholders and customers to political ends
that are not necessarily explicit in their corporate mandate. When I buy
a Coke, I want to encourage the coca cola company to keep making fizzy
beverages. I don't necessarily want them to use that money to fight
against the laws that ensure that their bottling plants are sanitary.

 Paul Prescod