I'm trying to think like an artist but nothin' is happening

Gary Lawrence Murphy garym@canada.com
11 Mar 2002 18:14:56 -0500

>>>>> "M" == Michael Watson <mikejw@cruzio.com> writes:

    M> ...  i wish she had screamed. i wish i could scream.

Had the great good fortune to stumble into Toronto's Art Gallery of
Ontario this past weekend and find myself plunked in the midst of the
Yoko Ono exhibit.  Now _there's_ a screamer ;)

There's a story about Miles Davis ripping a sax from the mouth of a
player, pulling out the reed and holding his lighter to the sharp
end of it until it was burned away.  Miles gave the sax back to the
musician and said, "Try it _now_". Nobody boxes like Miles.

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