So what's in your CD player right now?

Stephen D. Williams
Tue, 12 Mar 2002 10:51:01 -0500

Shouldn't we share the music we listen to so that we're all exposed to 
more variety?  (I.e. advertisement to a wider audience?)

I'd be interested in trying about 75% of the selections below.

Now where have I heard this idea before?

Broadcast timeshifting MP3 idea:
I keep thinking that I need to rig a high quality recording system for 
broadcast radio.  I would build an easy software package that allows me 
to quickly identify the start/stop of music or programs and chop them 
into files, name them, and add them to a collection.  Cons: imperfect 
lead-in/out, digital-analog-broadcast-analog-digital conversion, Pros: 
perfectly legal time-shifting, reasonable quality.  Add even a single 
person at a time in a market generating artist/title/time play points 
for each monitored station and you have MP3 labelling.  For that matter, 
the start/stop times could be shared legally which would allow automatic 
parsing on everyone's copy of the music.

Additionally, I believe it is legal to share timeshifted material with 
others in the same 'market'.  In other words, if they could have heard 
it the same way you did, you can share with them.


carey wrote:

>This is indeed a bitless comment, but for the past week I've been fidgety to
>get into new music.  Friends keep remarking that my style and choices are
>dull, and for once, I'm starting to agree with them.  I've gotten myself
>into a drum n' bass rut, and so, in search of a more varied musical
>selection, I come to FoRK.
>I'm curious what y'all are listening to, what gets your rocks off musically.
>I miss the days when Jim would post the KUCI top 10's -- that was always a
>fun way to variate musical choice,  so consider this an exercise in
>Perhaps the FoRK Top (x)?
>To be fair, I'll start out:
>Arabian Travels -- A six Degrees collection (fun fun mixes of middle eastern
>background music on top of electronic beats)
>Amon Tobin - Supermodified
>Amon Tobin - Bricolage
>Trik Turner - Trik Turner (was originally seeking something else, and was
>nonetheless pleasantly surprised
>Janis Joplin - Best of
>Frank Sinatra - Come fly with me
>Cowboy Bebop - OST (Anime goodness from Kanno, Yoko)

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