So what's in your CD player right now?

Ben Hammersley
Tue, 12 Mar 2002 16:22:47 -0000


Some of the new pc-based digital radio receivers here in the UK can do
some of that. The Psion Wavefinder for one: It records direct to mp3. I
can't see why clipping  into tracks couldn't be automated, and there is
some company out there - name escapes me at the moment - that does
identification of MP3s through digital fingerprinting. Add the lot
together, make the right id3 tags, slap in a gnutella client, and that's
the end of the music business, kinda.

Ben - (and this is my first FoRK post. I feel

>Broadcast timeshifting MP3 idea:
>I keep thinking that I need to rig a high quality recording system for 
>broadcast radio.  I would build an easy software package that allows me

>to quickly identify the start/stop of music or programs and chop them 
>into files, name them, and add them to a collection.  Cons: imperfect 
>lead-in/out, digital-analog-broadcast-analog-digital conversion, Pros: 
>perfectly legal time-shifting, reasonable quality.  Add even a single 
>person at a time in a market generating artist/title/time play points 
>for each monitored station and you have MP3 labelling.  For that
>the start/stop times could be shared legally which would allow
>parsing on everyone's copy of the music.