List Etiquitte Check: Public Responses to Private Reponses

Tue, 12 Mar 2002 09:15:33 -0800

If its regarding my note, go ahead.  I sometimes hit the wrong reply button,
and most of the time, don't particularly find my responses as relevant to
the full list == there was very little bit in that last comment, and a lot
of me rambling :)

In re to your comment, I say, post away, provided its not just posting
flamewar shit.  I tend to like those conversations (personally) offline, as
that just degrades the overall experience of fork as information deposit.

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> If I start or continue a public conversation and someone makes a private
> comment that I don't have a problem making public and want to respond to
> publicly, it seems reasonable to do so unless the writer indicated that
> it was meant to be a private note.
> Otherwise I feel that A) the conversation gets fragmented because I
> sometimes end up responding to virtually the same points publicly and
> privately and B) the private reply is probably often a mistaken choice
> of 'Reply' rather than 'Reply-All'.
> Anyone have better rationale?
> sdw
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