WTF is going on on the SF Bloggers list (was: So what's in your CD player right now?)

Ben Hammersley
Tue, 12 Mar 2002 17:24:08 -0000


*sigh* I wish I knew. As far as I'm concerned, I posted a blog entry
about googlebombing, which these Neuroprothesis people then added
comments to. These comments linked to their site that said that they
were doing it across blogdom, in an attempt to googlebomb themselves.

This 'experiment' of theirs didn't go down well with many people, and
someone posted a message to the SF bloggers list complaining about it. I
posted another, agreeing, and pointing to my entry at (which is jestful in
the extreme, check it out)

Then, about a week later, along comes a new, never-heard-from-before,
user id, one jkc101us, to both the us list and the ukbloggers list, with
a big tirade against me, and my posting, and then lots of further -
really weird - posts. No one knows who he/she is.

Meanwhile, the NP people think my comments were quite funny, and thank
me for the extra linkage. A major storm in the proverbial, but tiresome

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> Ben - (and this is my first FoRK post. I feel
> happy)

Welcome Ben. WTF is going on with the neruostentic whatsits who are 
putting up a big row on the SF Blogger list?

-- whump