Location Based Home Page

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer@endeavors.com
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 06:56:21 -0800

Steve Bush wrote:
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> I own a laptop and want to have a separate home page for home and work.
> When I'm on my home LAN I get my personal home page.  When I'm at work,
> I get the company home page.  I want this to work for IE 4+ and Nav.  My
> current thinking is I make IE's default home page the work page.
> Currently, I run a SonicWall firewall at home but I'm willing to hack
> around a Linux or NT firewall/proxy server solution to get this work.
> Any recommendations.

Run Magi on the machine, bookmark your home page to
localhost:8084/whatever, add in the resolution
and then using the dynamic naming and firewall connection 
brokering to not change a thing with your firewall or proxy.