Questions from Hanson (Carnage & Culture)

Owen Byrne
Sun, 17 Mar 2002 20:25:09 -0400

Except that Mr. Bell is actually capable of coherent argument, while you
almost immediately resort to the wonderful rhetorical weapon of yours - name
calling. Everyone who doesn't agree with you seems to be suffering from
blind, impotent rage.

What is interesting of course, is that he was talking about the availability
of different viewpoints in Canada. Of course the primary reason for that
difference is the fact that we have the CBC, Canada's state run media. While
the other Canadian networks increasingly resemble what passes for journalism
south of the border (reading corporate press releases/announcing new
consumer products), the CBC actually does investigative journalism. So
you're right, there definitely is a difference between state run media and
corporation-run media. The word "integrity" pretty wells sums it up. I think
the British would probably feel the same way about their state-run media.


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> First of all, show me that there's any difference between the State-Run
> media in Egypt and the free press in the US right now (in terms of their
> unrepentant affirmation of government policy) and I will buy you a beer.
> That Mr. Bell sees no difference between our press and Egypt simply shows
> that his impotent rage has blinded any common sense he might have ever
> possessed.  He isn't worth responding too.
> The Palestinians have earned a genocidal response from Isreal.  I only
> that when it comes Israel doesn't also find it necessary to use the
> option.