FoRK and Spam..

Ian Andrew Bell
Mon, 18 Mar 2002 10:30:38 -0800

Since I use a special email address to read FoRK I have a really good handle
on what the volume of spam is that FoRK readers are subjected to.  As a high
signal-to-noise ratio is important to FoRK members when reading the list,
and presumably to FoRK members in general, I thought I'd share the benefit
of the experience with y'all.

My suggestion is that Rohit might want to review his openness policy or that
JoeBar and the guys maintaining might want to actually decide on a
schema for neutralizing FoRK's incredible value to email address harvesters.

>From Friday AM to this AM at about 8:00, 14 of 73 messages to my FoRK
account were spam.  This means that FoRK readers were subjected to roughly
20% spam and 80% witty, noodle-munching FoRK content directly as a result of
their participation in FoRK.  And that's on the weekend, when spam is not
felt to be particularly effective (ideal days for spamming are Tues & Wed --
we are more susceptible on hump day).

Interestingly, Sunday night seems to be a good time to harvest addresses.
Yesterday I posted to the list and for the first time Cc'ed another email
address for my own mailing list, and that email address got a copy of a spam
that I also got on my FoRK email address this morning.  Pretty amazing.
That email address has never been spammed before.

Anyway, don't you think it's time to fix the problem?