Other Responses RE: Questions from Hanson (Carnage & Culture)

Rodent of Unusual Size Ken.Coar@Golux.Com
Mon, 18 Mar 2002 15:39:37 -0500

Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
> I just realized that you forwarded my message to some list of
> unrelated neo-conservative jingoists and solicited them to blast
> me with reams of electronic inanity.
> Simply put, you had no right to do this.  I typed what I felt
> to be a considered and thoughtful reply on a private mailing
> list to your message and you responded by:

Ian, unless you sent your message to fork-noarchive it's really
not on to consider FoRK a 'private mailing list.'  The same
people could have found your message and eddress in the archives.

However, I agree that -- according to appearances, at least -- John
was over the top in inviting non-FoRKers to 'drop you a note':

> > His Email is foib@ianbell.com, apparently, and his name is
> > Ian Bell.
> >
> > People with problems concerning blood pressure might wish
> > to avoid this post.
> >
> > But if anyone has a stronger stomach than I do, feel free to
> > drop Ian a note...

Assuming, of course, that the above fragment actually originated
with John.  His quoting practices leave a lot to be desired when
unravelling attribution.
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