SpamAssassin as a forwarding service

Dan Kohn
Tue, 19 Mar 2002 07:29:43 -0800

Ken, SpamAssassin sounds like exactly what I'm looking for, in that
Outlook could trigger off the SpamAssassin header and move to a likely
spam folder.  However, I don't have a machine that can conveniently run

Does anyone have things set up so that I could forward
through their server, have the headers added, and then forwarded to the
account where I actually receive my mail?  I would be quite

          - dan

P.S.  Ken, delimiting URLs with the syntax URL:http:// were obsoleted in
Section E of RFC 2396 due to lack of adoption.  Many browsers don't
linkify these URLs.

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I recently installed SpamAssassin.  I've only been running
it a couple of weeks, but since last Tuesday morning (EST)
it detected about 13MiB of spam sent to my mailboxes.  Some
of those were false positives, and some slipped through, but
the numbers indicate that between 25% and 30% of my incoming
mail is spam.

I wrote this up at <URL:http://Ken.Coar.Org/musings/spam-fighting.html>
in case you're bored.

Curiously enough, FoRK traffic triggers more false positives than
I would have expected -- and even more amazingly, none of them
are from the people I would have expected to trigger it. :-D
#ken	P-)}

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