Questions from Hanson (Carnage & Culture)

Gary Lawrence Murphy
19 Mar 2002 10:30:30 -0500

>>>>> "C" == Chuck Murcko <> writes:

    C> Frankly, I'm not too impressed with the CBC's agenda either
    C> (the CBC shortwave service I listen to here has signal strength
    C> enough to drive a small car), but like it or not, I guess
    C> Canada is collectively part of the "imperialist" alliance:

I can't say too much about the CBC, and it's hard to be impartial
since, as a musician I have benefitted from their support of Canadian
arts, and as a consultant, their website is one of my biggest clients.

But you should know that that the recent shifts in CBC editorial
policies are not so much motivated from within the Corporation as they
are forced upon the CBC via the Government, fuelled by the vicious
lobbies of (you guessed it) Can-West Global, a media company also
famous for it's massive coast-to-coast control of almost everything
not owned by the CBC or BCE (Bell/Sympatico/CTV/Globe&Mail), and for
it's centralized editorial control policies which expressly forbid
it's own self-criticism or criticism of its pet politicians.

   Hmmm ... do you suppose the fact that CBC and BCE are my clients
   and CanWest is not has anything to do with my (ahem) opinion of
   CanWest?  Naw ....

For example, CBC-TV policy does not permit advertising during
children's shows, during the first half of the National News (the
second half is a news magazine) or during it's investigative
journalism shows, but CanWest is pumping out a disinformation campaign
inflating the "cost to taxpayers" of the television network, begging
for further cuts to the Corporation budget, insisting the CBC could
pick up the slack through "corporate donations" and selling ad space
in those "unsold" areas.  

CBC Radio-One, despite decades of international recognition and
awards, is likewise being pressured to become "more relevent", by which
they mean more like the commercial 40+ demographic radio stations that
I only listen to when I need a winter storm-warning update.

The whole argument is yet another proof of what Henry Ford told Bucky
Fuller: "You can make money, or you can make sense. The two are
mutually exclusive."

As a supplier to the CBC, I can say one thing: No one _I_ know in
there is paid even close to what they'd get if they went to the
private sector, yet they stay on, year after year, because the job
gives them the satisfaction of knowing its the "right thing to do"
(and, ok, it's a Union gig too ;) Some of them do get lured away by
the Big Money, but the best always come back.

For those Friends of the CBC ever vigilant to ensure it continues to
be the closest we'll ever have to an impartial voice, you have a 

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