[linux-elitists] RFCW, etc.

Gary Lawrence Murphy garym@canada.com
21 Mar 2002 20:56:27 -0500

>>>>> "c" == carey  <carey@tstonramp.com> writes:

    c> Sure, Microsoft pollutes, is evil, and satanic, etc., etc.,
    c> etc., but I'll have to say, they at least tend not to be
    c> arrogant fucking pricks when it comes to answering questions.

You've never called their tech support hotline, have you.  It's
the only time in my life I actually got so exasperated that I yelled
at a hotline. Oh, and they charged me, too.

The trick is to ask them a question they cannot answer.  I asked how I
could rescue the damaged cab file on disk 11 of a 13-floppy set. They
said "Buy another copy, full price."

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