Google censorship of domain [#201159]

Jon O.
Thu, 21 Mar 2002 22:05:12 -0800

Results of the "March on Google" as it has been termed:

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> Don musta kicked some ass!

Someone from Google reads this list. (Hi.)

What happened?  They made a mistake.  Then they corrected it.
(We discovered the correction when a Well Known Scientology
Critic called me at Dana St.  when we were getting organized to go
over there.)  We met with software engineer Matt Cutts and had a
very productive discussion about the DMCA and Google's policy for
handling takedown requests.

Here's a photo of the Mountain View California Xenu Independent Study
Group and Matt:

Unresolved questions:

Will Google always provide a copy of the complainant's letter to
the webmaster of the site that would be affected?

Will Google publish a list of DMCA takedowns it does?

Will Google drop the bland-sounding internal term PageRank(tm)
in favor of the more descriptive "Google Juice"?

(Everybody stopped running that lynx loop that says mean things
about Stanford, right?)

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