Google censorship of domain [#201159]

Gordon Mohr
Fri, 22 Mar 2002 02:32:48 -0800

The essence of the "correction" seems to be:

 - The root page, which obviously 
   did not contain any copyrighted work, was placed
   back in the index. As of now, it appears to be the
   4th hit for a query on "Scientology".

 - Someone has taken Sponsored Link ads out for the
   term "Scientology" which link to I would 
   suggest that this shows the benefits of showing
   search hits based on a diversity of rankings (PageRank,
   demonstrated user interest, payment-for-prominence),
   as no one organization/gaming-strategy is likely to 
   be able to manipulate all effectively and enduringly.
   ("You can fool all of the rankings some of the time,
   and some of the rankings all of the time, but you 
   can't fool all of the rankings, all of the time.")

It appears that at least the first step, and perhaps
the second, was taken even before the misguided "march on 
Google" began. 

The other URLs that were listed in the CoS takedown
request are still not in Google. Google probably doesn't
want to set the precedent of individually reviewing 
every protested URL -- that's not required of them under
the law, and could wind up increasing their liability,
rather than giving them "safe harbor", if they guess

They chiefly need to follow the duly-constructed requests
of the notifier and then the counter-notifier. 


This will put the ball back in CoS's court, and barring
actual court motions, will give Google the cover it 
needs to restore all the URLs without having to do a 
risky case-by-case evaluation.

- Gordon

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> Results of the "March on Google" as it has been termed:
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> Someone from Google reads this list. (Hi.)
> What happened?  They made a mistake.  Then they corrected it.
> (We discovered the correction when a Well Known Scientology
> Critic called me at Dana St.  when we were getting organized to go
> over there.)  We met with software engineer Matt Cutts and had a
> very productive discussion about the DMCA and Google's policy for
> handling takedown requests.
> Here's a photo of the Mountain View California Xenu Independent Study
> Group and Matt:
> Unresolved questions:
> Will Google always provide a copy of the complainant's letter to
> the webmaster of the site that would be affected?
> Will Google publish a list of DMCA takedowns it does?
> Will Google drop the bland-sounding internal term PageRank(tm)
> in favor of the more descriptive "Google Juice"?
> (Everybody stopped running that lynx loop that says mean things
> about Stanford, right?)
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