More fun about Moore

Ian Welsh
Sun, 24 Mar 2002 01:05:29 -0500

Sigh ... don't apologize on my behalf, just ask me to stop or make no HTML
mail a FoRK rule.  I know for a fact from looking at the archives that I am
not the only one who has used an HTML account to post to FoRK.  I have been
reluctant to use another e-mail address because of the spam associated with
FoRK, but given the indirect complaints I will do so.

Ian Welsh wrote:
> <html><div style='background-color:'>
> <DIV>
> <P><BR>That would be true, except that as far as I know, for example, the


I'm sorry about this --- I'll prevent text/html emails from getting
sent to the list as soon as I have time.