P2P... catching up

carey carey@tstonramp.com
Sun, 24 Mar 2002 13:49:14 -0800

Oh boy..

you so have to go hook your sweetself up with audiogalaxy


alright. So the interface blows my left proverbial nut, but mygodisitgood.

So they have this rating system, and, it allows you to continually
download -- say you have a connection started with someone, and they flake
out and log off right?  It'll pick up in the exact spot with someone else,
and its instentaneous, and really hassle free.  Finding songs is muy easy,
the only problem is that some songs are actually documented as 'copyrighted'
and therefore can't be downloaded.

Other good things about AG:  They have 'featured' artists, that are actually
good.  And you can get a good idea of who to listen to by veering of in the
'sounds like 'categories.

I totally love the AG goodness..

<sidenote> And they are SO PLAYING a middle easterened out version of  SHAFT
on the local station out here ;0  //  In ARABIC no less.  </sidenote>

(Shut yo mouth ;)

the BB is now back to work.
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> Okay, you can laugh at me, but I never bothered with napster or anything
> similar until about... yesterday, when Adam pointed out how many P2P tools
> there are to download. So now I'm downloading obscure Coil and Cabaret
> Voltaire tracks, and El Hazard pics and songs.
> I've tried Morpheus and KaZaA, and KaZaA seems far better. Is there
> something much better than KaZaA that I should try?
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