modified found poem

Joseph S. Barrera III
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 02:27:16 -0800

> probe me with the latest important high tech device
> i feel urgent because i am so amazing and exciting
> behold my sensational revealing portfolio
> i have excellent obsessions and i am remarkable for them

Those have to be some of the worst pick-up lines ever! :-)

I sure hate sales. And selling, and adverts. Probably one of the main
reasons I don't watch TV or listen to commercial radio. I end up flipping
off the set and yelling "fuck you!" at the screen too often. You'd think
that by the ripe old age of 37 I would have mellowed, but no.

Actually, those lines also remind me of:
1. Somebody's LISP programming project
2. Wire lyrics (e.g. The Ideal Copy)
3. Japanese -> English translated by Japanese

- Joe

In time and sequence, paraphrased
Oh no it's not the same
In two halves but quickly growing whole
And it's not the past again