Apple cards devleopers

Tue, 26 Mar 2002 13:35:29 -0500 (EST)

--]This is everything to do with the law of contract, which is not a Cocoa        
Legal Schmegal.                                                                   
The Apple Revolution was about empowerment. I dont know if you forgot what        
it was to be young and have an Apple][ to whack on, but you felt like part        
of the whole. There was no age limit, your worth was what you could do.           
Lots of the dev work going on today is done by folks under 18. Should all         
this stop because of legal crap? The answer is ,of course, Hell No. And a
comany that has now come so far from its orginal intent such as to be             
excluding on age is insanely Stupid.                                              
Of course the AppleDrones will hem and haw thier way to a justification.          
This does not make it right it simply shows once again that the Hype
previals, the Drones will drone on, and Apple is not Apple No More.


Sidebar   How old was Espinosa when he was working for Apple?