Apple cards devleopers

Bill Kearney
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 19:49:07 -0500

Weren't several members of the original Mac team under age?  Hertzfeld was
pretty young.  Couldn't that invalidate all sorts of things?  Not to mention all
the student interns during the 80's.

Once again it sounds like yet another clueless middle management minion in a
corporation is "doing his job".

Fiddling while Rome burns, polishing deck chairs on the Titanic, use your
favorite metaphor here.

Some mental giant inside Apple (or their counsel) reading the "law" decided this
kid being involved was "a bad thing".  What that mental midget failed to realize
is what a clusterf* this could cause in public relations.  So instead of going
one small step further and arranging a more equitable legal agreement, these
rocket scientists make is worse by kicking the kid out.  Brilliant, just

Now instead of people working on the code they'll have people wasting time
complaining about the process.

All this to contractualize what amounts to volunteer efforts.  Talk about
ludicrous.  Sure, sure, argue all you want about contract law and the status of
minors.  But this is not a new phenonmenon at Apple or many other larger
companies.  They just get too big to be able to do anything small and smart.

So which other vendor is now going to hire the kid?

-Bill Kearney