new bits / old bits

Michael Watson
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 11:25:22 -0800

This is new bits to me. Nothing too surprising here but it is pretty cool to
have all the lack of web browsing privacy info gathered together:

I am still new to this group so and I feel a need to have some clarification
on the old bits/new bits concept because I want to respect the group
culture. Obviously, one persons old bits can be anothers new bits and old
bits can become new bits in a new context. I have noted the conversational
type threads and the discussion of personal first person "I" topics so I
have followed suit but have the uncomfortable feeling that this may not be
welcome all the same.

RE: the advertising thread. My favorite subversive group:

Fool's Fest 2002. We had planned to take a page from the Yippie handbook and
bring the money-drop back to the world's stockmarkets, but we're having
second thoughts. We're looking for your help to make April 1st, 2002 a day
for subversive fun. Bring your prank ideas to life in our Fool's Forum

still raging from nicotine withdrawel,