American-ness [was RE: even my dumb nontechnical anime group gets it -- why don't we?]

Gary Lawrence Murphy
28 Mar 2002 11:01:40 -0500

>>>>> "O" == Owen Byrne <> writes:

    O> I think you're going a little too far with the rural nature of
    O> Canada.  Latest census shows that more and more Canadians live
    O> within spitting distance of Church and Wellesley, and less and
    O> less out in the boonies.

Nope.  Census Canada says only 10% of us live within TTC of Church and
Wellesley, and my experience living a decade among them suggests that
a significant percentage of them are more like Buddy Whatsisname than
Kevin McDonald.  TKITH are a very narrow demographic.

Similarly, while 50% now live in the 8 urban centers, I'd say more
than half of those city folk (subtracting new immigrants who still
favour Desh Vadesh and CantoPop) will favour Graham Townsend over Pete
Townsend (or even Geddy Lee).  Thus my 2/3rds figure.  

Without doubt, there are the American wannabees, and they dominate the
small-percentage who populate the Bay Street office towers, but if you
just step out to the shipping dock down the back street, you'll find a
very un-American (who probably knows a thing or two about hunting
bear) who frequents the Dominion Tavern.

What I love about Toronto is that I can walk in there today, straight
out of the bush in my woods gear and into the trendiest Queen-west
club, and no one, no one notices.  I'll bet I could walk in there with
trapline gear to check at the hat stand and they'd only raise an

    O> ... our best talent gets Americanized, because thats
    O> where the big dollars are.

It's like our beer and hockey players: We export the stuff we don't
want (Gretsky excepted -- his wife made him do it, and we got him back

    O> Maritimers have more in common with New Englanders than they do
    O> with people from Ontario. Manitobans are like Minnesotans

Being from Manitoba, I'll take exception to that.  Manitobans are
heavily slanted by the founding Scot-Metis culture, Minnesotans are
not.  Cape Breton is not Cape Cod, Saskatchewan (the birthplace of
Social Credit) is not Wisconsin.

I'll grant you Alberta, though, and I've never lived in BC so I cannot
say any more than I see on the tely (270 annual days of rain must take
a toll on their minds)

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