As It Will Be

Owen Byrne
Thu, 2 May 2002 18:41:14 -0300

Not to mention that they were very efficient at ensuring that none 
of the Jews trying to get out of Germany could get into the US. 

While the US contribution to WWII was more significant than it was
in WWI, I would say that on the western front, at least, they mostly
joined in after it was clear that Germany was losing.


> Our resident whore wrote:
> >--]France is about to soundly thrash its local neo-fascist moron...
> >Without US aid? That will be a first.
> There you go again.
> >History is a biotch, aint it Bob?
> Lesson in history... an extremely powerful Germany invaded all of its
> neighbours, save Switzerland which was already on board, and beyond.
> Britain was alone resisting tooth and nail, ready to "fight on the
> beaches", while the US sold them arms until they were bankrupt, and
> otherwise twiddled its thumbs.  Only after the US was attacked in
> Pearl Harbour did they budge, and then ended up lashing out by nuking
> hundreds of thousands of civilians.  Back in Europe, any serious
> historian will tell you that the USSR had more to do with the defeat
> of Nazi Germany than all other countries put together.
> Any questions?