As It Will Be

Gordon Mohr
Thu, 2 May 2002 18:34:53 -0500

Owen writes:
> Well, as someone who suggested once that I was quoting ancient history, I'd
> like to point out that Mr. Harley is talking about NOW.  And right NOW, the
> US is the closest to fascism, 

"Fascism is is perpetually descending on the United States, but 
somehow it always lands on Europe." (Origin unknown.)

Our federal system, regional diversity, economic flexibility, 
and long tradition of freedom makes the US immune to all sorts
of threats that could topple other democratic regimes.

Some of the US strengths against fascism and mob rule -- things 
like mass private gun ownership, a variety of fervent religious
movements, spendthrift social welfare policies, privatized basic
utilities, a bizarre patchwork  of state and local laws -- are 
ridiculed by naive outsiders from paternalistic nations as of 
signs of America's weirdness or immaturity. 

They are not. They are pillars of a stable, open, unshakably free 
society, where no narrow group can even imagine trying to hijack 
the state's power, even in tough times, and turn it against our 

> and has demonstrated (Venezuela) that they
> have no respect for foreign democratic institutions and will make efforts to
> overthrow  them.

Huh? There's certainly a historic precedent -- through the cold war --
of the US helping to overthrow locally-popular governments, but it
remains to be seen if that was the case in Venezuela. Talking with
all sides, and expressing distate for Hugo Chavez, isn't the same
as making efforts to overthrow him. 

> As I have repeatedly suggested, it is time for every nation on the planet to
> reassess their relationship with the US, ideally with a widespread military
> alliance against them and with a mechanism where overall military spending
> increases are pegged to be higher than US increases.

Woohoo! Yes, shop this brilliant idea of an anti-US worldwide military
pact around a bit. Maybe they'll make you leader and headwquarter this
sort of anti-NATO in Canada -- where we can be sure it'll never be a 

- Gordon