As It Will Be

Owen Byrne
Thu, 2 May 2002 20:52:59 -0300

> > As I have repeatedly suggested, it is time for every nation on the
planet to
> > reassess their relationship with the US, ideally with a widespread
> > alliance against them and with a mechanism where overall military
> > increases are pegged to be higher than US increases.
> Woohoo! Yes, shop this brilliant idea of an anti-US worldwide military
> pact around a bit. Maybe they'll make you leader and headwquarter this
> sort of anti-NATO in Canada -- where we can be sure it'll never be a
> threat.
The intent would be that the whole world would be a lot happier with less
Since the United States seems to be entirely opposed to that, an alliance
said they would increase their spending at the same rate might make you
think twice
about your own military spending and arms exports.

Somehow I tend to believe that the recent proliferation of treaties that the
US chose to
opt out of as some evidence that non-US leaders see some definite friction
(Kyoto Accord,
Landmine Treaty, War Crimes Court). Also the recent EU "standing army"
It seems that its just basic realpolitik for leaders in Europe to look to
alliances against the
dominant nation. Unless they've decided its too late, and its better for
them, personally, to
collaborate with that nation.