John Hall johnhall@evergo.net
Wed, 8 May 2002 18:21:35 -0700

> C'mon.  Power comes from people doing what you want.  

No, it doesn't.  It comes from FORCING people to do what you want.  It
is an act which REMOVES other people's options.  Most of the other
methods of gaining cooperation INCREASE other people's options.

A night and day difference.

Charisma, self-discipline, logical persuasion, lying, reputation,
knowledge, and money are not in any stretch of the imagination forms of
'power'.  They may get people to agree to take actions you like, but
they are not 'power'.

How you obtain cooperation matters.  Most women have no problem
distinguishing rape from consensual relations.  

Or as it was put once:

"People who see no difference between the power of the whip and the
power of the dollar should learn the difference on their own hides."


People who confuse them are usually interested in making the use of
physical compulsion morally acceptable.

Recycle Foucalt in the nearest paper bin.