O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference

Jeffrey Kay jeff@k2.com
Wed, 15 May 2002 10:17:07 -0400

I put us down for the 7PM slot on Wednesday.  I have no dinner plans at
present, so whatever everyone else decides is fine with me.

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> On Tuesday, May 14, 2002, at 07:43  AM, Jeffrey Kay wrote:
> > So let's throw a stake in the ground -- I'll put FoRK down for a BOF
> > for a
> > Wednesday evening early slot.  We can decide between now and then
> > whether
> > we'd rather make it dinner.
> >
> If I get my talk written in time, I'd be glad to join in. I live across
> the freeway, so I'd be glad to host dinner, in any case.
> See y'all there...
> Rohit