Culture Vultures

Russell Turpin
Wed, 15 May 2002 20:15:21 +0000

Chris Arkenberg:
>There has been much legislation since that has been geared towards the 
>rights of business over
>the individual (again, NAFTA, GATT, and now the FTAA are great examples of 

I'm always surprised that people fail to include
the income tax in this list. For businesses, the
income tax is a tax on profit, largely avoidable
by spending more. If a business rents nice offices,
leases cars, or buys uniforms or clothing for its
employees, these are all paid before taxes. The
business is taxed only on what is left-over after
its expenses. In contrast, an individual's living
expenses don't count as a cost of doing business.
You have to feed yourself and clothe yourself and
transport yourself and shelter yourself, often
more expensively for various kinds of employment,
yet all of this you pay from income AFTER taxes.

For businesses, the income tax is a profit tax.
For individuals, it is a labor tax.

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