[FoRK] Re: Re: IP: The software revolution has only just begun,Gates says(fwd)

Lindsey Smith lindsey@smithstanza.com
Thu, 23 May 2002 09:55:17 -0700

From: "Luis Villa" <louie@ximian.com>
> OK, so, giving a billion dollars to medical charity is not exactly what
> I'd call 'visionary'. Laudable, wonderful, etc., yes, but not visionary.
> People have been giving money to solve and treat disease since Jesus was
> curing lepers. He just happens to be able to do it on a huge scale. I
> think even Gates has said that giving money for this type of thing is
> 'obvious.'

Not that I'm any big fan of Bill Gates or anything, but I don't have a
problem with the term visionary here. It's not the big fat pile of cash that
makes it visionary. He's not firing and forgetting $1 billion at the
American Cancer Society for the Big Cure (or the UN a la Ted Turner) or at
the celebrity disease of the month. And it is obvious to me that a
multi-billionaire *should* give huge sums to charity. I just get the sense
that the GF is more of a
see-it-through-from-beginning-to-end-in-the-3rd-world kind of deal. Down to
earth, realistic, but high impact (and high ticket) solutions.


Time, of course, will tell. Would you've said the same about Andrew Carnegie
when he started his philanthropic activities?

> Luis [and don't get me started about the 'charity' of giving Windows
> away to Mexican schoolchildren]

Yeah that's BS.

> P.S. Just to be clear, by non-business I mainly meant software, though I
> suppose actual vision in his charity would also impress me.

I misunderstood, since Microsoft's business is (largely) software. I thought
!(business == software).

Lindsey Smith