WebServile - .NET Saves Boy Down Well

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Thu, 10 Oct 2002 23:56:10 -0700

Don't know if everybody has seen this or not..


In the early hours of the morning, .NET, Microsoft's platform for XML Web
services, saved a five-year-old boy who fell down a well in Ottumwa, Iowa.
Erwin Trickle apparently fell down the thirty foot well and became stuck
while in pursuit of a prairie dog. Local authorities were alerted, and spent
16 hours at the site attempted to remove the boy from the narrow opening.

At his wit's end, Ottumwa Sherriff Buck Bettendorf contact Microsoft's head
office in Redmond, Washington, hoping for a solution. Bettendorf spoke with
Microsoft Solutions, who assured him that .NET could solve any problem he
might encounter. "I was durned skeptical at first," Bettendorf stated, "but
them folks in Washington told me that this .NET 'enables an unprecedented
level of software integration through the use of XML Web services: small,
discrete, building-block applications that connect to each other--as well as
to other, larger applications--via the Internet.' Well, I said to my deputy,
if that ain't gonna save little Erwin, nothing will."

The Sherriff's Office IT expert spent the next 34 hours installing .NET on
the department computer network. Bettendorf applauded the simple
installation process. "We had to put an extension onto the kitchen to store
all the CDs, but other than that it was easier than shooting pigs in a
barrel". During the delay, the boy was forced to devour the prairie dog who
shared his plight.

[markitecture picture goes here]
The architecture of savior. As a photo was unavailable, Little Erwin
is represented by BackStreet Boy Kevin "Train" Richardson.

Bettendorf described the rescue process. "Once the thing was installed,
well, hell, it pretty-much ran itself. I guess that's why they call it
'no-touch' deployment. We just fired that baby up and wizz-bang-a-doodle, it
had that boy out of the well in a matter of minutes. Plus, it balanced the
department's books, got us some apple fritters and impregnated our
receptionist, Mary-Lou. This .NET Framework the cat's meow. Course, we're
still not exactly sure what it is. Nobody at Microsoft could tell us,