Re[2]: Yet another reason why more government is a bad bad deal.

Russell Turpin
Sat, 19 Oct 2002 21:26:53 +0000

Tom Whore:
>Learning how to snipe with doom would be like
>training to do synaptic surgery on your beat up version of Operation ..

What is synaptic surgery? I know microsurgery
allows surgeons to anastomose pretty damn small
nerves. But it's not at the level of the neuron.
It doesn't work well with bidirectional nerves
just because of alignment. With purely afferent
nerves, the brain seems to compensate somewhat
to receiving different "signals" on different

For all its refinement, surgery is still
manipulation at a gross level of structures
that rely on finer decomposition, by orders of
magnitude, to function. When the body can repair
things at the fine level, it works best. Where
not, you're screwed.

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