The Illuminati Order

Gary Lawrence Murphy Gary Lawrence Murphy <>
23 Oct 2002 17:03:55 -0400

       "So, it is very important to provide some details about
       yourself IF you join, in your Illuminati Member's Area Forum
       profile, only if you are interested in the possibility of being
       recruited to work for one or more of the Intelligence networks
       or agencies. This is an option, and they only recruit capable
       and highly educated persons, and/or persons with powerful
       connections and/or power."

One would think, in the courses of three centuries causing collective
cultural causalities, that a select elect such as these of the elite
would be, by accepted aesthetical values accrued to the supposed
audience of adeptus hopefuls, better able, demonstrably, to construct
a parseable and semantically comprehensible sentence.  One would think.

Then again.  Maybe Not.

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