The "Birdhouse In Your Sould" distribution system

Tom tomwhore at
Thu Apr 3 11:28:33 PST 2003

In what I can only hope will sweep the nation I have started a
distribution system I like to call "Make a Little Birdhouse In Your Soul"
Distribution System .

In front of my house is a birdhouse. It is the kind brids fly under and
feed from a square mesh opening at the bottoms. The top of the birdhouse
slide up the wires it is hanging from so the feedcakes can be changed. The
part that slides up is a gable roof. The space on top of the feedcake and
under the gabled roof large enough to hold 9 or so cds if they are in
baggies or other thin wraps. I use baggies becuse of portland amazing
weather system.

The bird feeder in front of my house is now a distribution node for
Knoppix ver 3.2 cds packaged in zip lock baggies along with a PTP sticker
as an extra surprise. I am using this to distribute the cds to memebers of
the local community wireless group (

I have a stack of 15 or so cds in the house ready to refill on need.

I put this up sunday, as of tuesday and one email 1 cd has been
distributed. We shall see what happen as time goes on.

So if your in the hood and need a Knoppix CD, go check the birdhouse.


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