[irtheory] The Boomerang Effect

Rob van Kranenburg kranenbu at xs4all.nl
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  Founder of the National Review, the conservative journal of opinion 
of which he was editor-in-chief until 1990, Buckley also worked as an 
influential political advisor and popular novelist. Buckley aptly 
described the effect of his National Review through his character 
Boris Bolgin in his spy novel Who's on First. "'Do you ever read the 
National Review, Jozsef?', asks Boris Bolgin, the chief of KGB 
counter intelligence for Western Europe, 'It is edited by this young 
bourgeois fanatic. Oh, how they cried about the repression of the 
counter-revolutionaries in Budapest! But the National Review it is 
also angry with the CIA for--I don't know; not starting up a Third 
World War, maybe? Last week--I always read the National Review, it 
makes me so funny mad--last week an editorial said'--he raised his 
head and appeared to quote from memory--'The attempted assassination 
of Sukarno last week had all the earmarks of a CIA operation. 
Everybody in the room was killed except Sukarno.'"


>yes, well the National Review is run by Buckley--an admitted CIA Agent. Once
>CIA, always CIA. fab.
>Francis A. Boyle

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