[DaveNet] NY Times pulls back from the Web.

Adam Rifkin Adam at KnowNow.com
Thu Apr 3 16:16:00 PST 2003

After Rohit spent all those hours resuscitating FoRK, you knew the
balance of
the universe would mock him some way.

[Rohit told me I could complain about this to the list.  Ok, here's my
out of all the people Dave Winer sends this to, why did he have to
include *ME*
in the same mailblock as Rohit?  I mean, mix it up a little... Keep me
with people
I barely know... :]

If you FoRK NY Times bits, you have to include the relevant passage and
not just
the link so we have context when we find it Googling through the
No, wait, that's copyright violation.  Dammit, where's transclusion when
you need it?

Thank goodness there's still http://www.syndic8.com/ for all my current
news fixes...
It will never mock me the way the New York Times does...

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Subject: NY Times pulls back

DaveNet essay, "NY Times pulls back", released on 4/3/2003; 5:21:29 PM

***Yin and yang

Yesterday uncharacteristically good news [1] about Microsoft.

Today, uncharacteristically bad news about the Microsoft of the news
business: The New York Times.

Until today the Times archive was perfect. If you pointed to a Times
article from an essay or a weblog post, as I have for almost ten years,
the link would continue to work, year after year.

Today that ended. All my links into the NY Times archive that are older
than 30 days are broken. I suspected this day would come, eventually.
Advertising doesn't pay for Web publications. It probably doesn't pay
for print pubs either anymore.

The business model for news is gyrating wildly. So much uncertainty. But
one thing /is/ certain, the Times will be missed on the Web.

Dave Winer

[1] http://davenet.userland.com/2003/04/02/microsoftSupportsRss

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Hmm, so you spent about an hour spec'ing and buying the parts, 30
minutes to
assemble it, and another 1.5 hours installing and configuring Linux, for
total of 3 hours to create this configuration from scratch....
Since you're a very knowledgeable and talented person, your time is
worth over $100/hr. So, you blew $300 of your time to replicate a device
that only costs $300-$500 dollars. Worse, you internalized the technical
risk of your chosen configuration not working (all wireless cards work
under Linux, right? :-). By buying it from Martian, you would have
externalized that risk.  So, did you really get a bargain?
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