[NYTimes] Live from Mars, it's a wireless box.

Jim Whitehead ejw at cse.ucsc.edu
Fri Apr 4 09:15:12 PST 2003

> P.S. Kit coming out next week -- supply your own hard drive, have the
> entertainment of installing our os+software onto it (totally web based)
> P.P.S. No, I'm not paying Jim to do marketing :)  But I might give free
> shipping to anyone who puts 'FoRK' in the comment field on our
> order form :)

:-) Of course, this device would also be really neat in a DAV-enabled
version. DAV is also supported on Linux, Windows, and Apple. You could even
sub-brand it as a Calendar-sharing device for Apple iCal users, or a blog
hosting device for iBlog users...

- Jim

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