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> Even though I might be suspected of disagreeing with you as a reflex 

... ditto :)

> So why didn't he do that?  Regardless of one's opinion of his
> intelligence, he's a very successful player in a region with brutal
> politics, and he has smart (if opportunistic ) people around him.
> My suspicion (w/o evidence, at this point) is that what we see as the
> obvious winning play wasn't available to Saddam due to cultural
> Throwing open his secrets would be seen as weakness, and he might not
> survive long enough to carry out the second phase (rebuilding, again
> secret).

It would have been very difficult, at the least, for him to do it due to
cultural reasons.  But he probably could have done it and survived.

But he'd rather die, for cultural reasons.


It is commonly accepted that the sanctions have killed about 5,000
people a month.  This is in addition to the people Saddam simply kills,
which might double the figure.

So 5 years of Saddam probably results in 600,000 or so dead Iraqis.  If
we can kill his regime without killing more than that, we can argue that
we did the Iraqis a favor with a straight face.

Leveling the threat was the real reason.  I'm sure most have noticed
that a lot of terrorist infrastructure is biting the dust.

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