Before GAB redefines "Shock and Awe" let's set the record straightwas Re: Newspeak

Tom tomwhore at
Wed Apr 9 19:41:46 PDT 2003

On Wed, 9 Apr 2003, Christopher Herot wrote:

--]The "output" of bringing down a government isn't even on the same scale as
--]leveling a few buildings.  While 9/11 was certainly traumatic, the only
--]lasting effect on the USA was to encourage our recent military adventures.

And the Patriot acts, lets not forget the historic undoing of our nations
charter. I mean think about it, the boxcutter gang spends a tiny bit of
cash, takes down a major landmark and Shocks and Awes the target nation
into such a state of hysteria they go and dismantle the very thing that
makes thier country worthwhile. They flapped the butterflys wing and let
the tsunami feed itself.

I gota say, thats effeciency for ya.

Also lets not forget that if you follow the logicbeing used, Bin Laden was
behind the terrorists of 9/11, so there fore he is behind the froces that
gutted our nations charter. He is also behind the forces that had us outs
Saddam, some one Bin Laden did not like and is on record as wnating to get
out of power.


Bin Ladden gets a hit on American soil which guts the charter of america
and ousts Saddam from power in Iraq...

I mean, thats pretty effecient. All that really needs to happen now is the
factions in Iraq to start fighting each other such that every Islamic
state and group will see fit to send in "help" and from that arises the
Uber Islamic front with one thought on thier mind "Romanes Eunt Domus"

Well ok, it wont be in latin and probably spelled right.


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