Majority Leader Tom Delay Supports the FairTax!

Joseph S Barrera III joe at
Thu Apr 10 03:55:29 PDT 2003

Woodchuck wrote:
> Since your other assertions contain errors about elementary,
> self-evident things, and since you have shown a tendency to lie for
> advantage or effect, in this thread and elsewhere, I, barring other
> evidence, continue in the cautious belief that your sex is not
> known.  Out of delicacy, I will refer to you as Ms Bone, it being
> customary, when in doubt, to use the higher-ranking title.  It is
> more euphonious as well.

And I shall refer to you as rim-licking goat-fucking cock-gobbler.
Or RLGFCG for short.

Welcome to my kill-file, troll.

Jeff: why are you even wasting your time?

- Joe

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