Metal and airport security (was: Before GAB redefines "Shock and Awe")

Russell Turpin deafbox at
Thu Apr 10 14:10:06 PDT 2003

Steve Dossick:
>I don't know, I kind of like watching the metal-induced striptease hysteria 
>at the airport these days. Soon we'll all just fly in our pajamas.

I just took a sailing harness and tether
through security at three different airports,
with nary a problem. The harness has two
stainless steel rings 2" in diameter. The
tether has a snap shackle and two Winchard
hooks. It raised a couple of eyebrows, but
they only inspected it one time out of four.
(But on't try to fly with a CO2 cartridge.
The word on the street is that those things
raise the alarm.)

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