Meds for Woody

Jeff Bone jbone at
Thu Apr 10 09:18:56 PDT 2003

On Thursday, Apr 10, 2003, at 02:27 US/Central, Woodchuck wrote:

> Jeff Bone wrote >
>>> Now let us observe how Ms Bone reacts to that innocent (and private)
>>> correction:
>> Innocent and not so private correction:  that's Mr. Bone to you,
>> varmint.  I really don't know how to respond to somebody who is too
>> stupid to discern the gender of the person they are talking to before
>> employing such contractions.
> There is nothing in evidence, save your assertion, concerning your
> sex.  ("Gender" is a term used in linguistics, at least by those
> who care.)  Besides, you first name is ambiguous.

Yes, I too know many female people named...  "Jeff?"

I have one word for you, Woody:  MEDS.  Take 'em, really, you'll feel 
much better.


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