Majority Leader Tom Delay Supports the FairTax!

Jeff Bone jbone at
Thu Apr 10 12:08:53 PDT 2003

Let me point out your inconsistency, inaccuracy, and general lack of 
capacity to productively discuss this topic.

On Thursday, Apr 10, 2003, at 10:37 US/Central, Woodchuck wrote:

>> "Income tax is voluntary -- just stop earning income."
> I suggest your "sarcasm detection" ability to be either attenuated
> or volitional for the purpose of seeming to make a point.

INCONSISTENT.  If I have treated your statement as serious it is 
because you yourself supported it by claims of your own behavior -wrt- 
taxation.  I.e., you really do seem to regard this as a valid option.

> Not yet.  First you have to stop lying.

So...  I may be wildly delusional, pulling your leg, earnest but 
incorrect in my conclusions, misinformed --- any number of things that 
dilute the credibility of the statements I've offered.  But "lying" 
implies intent to deceive --- and I have no such intent.  So:  
INACCURATE.  NB, I assume you're still hung up on the use of the term 
"voluntary," making that the basis for your claim of lying.  I've 
already pointed out that in a strict sense, you are correct:  FairTax 
is not, in the strictest sense, "voluntary."  Please substitute "MORE 
VOLITIONAL THAN INCOME TAXES" for the previous term, and accept my 
earnest apologies for using the word more loosely than you would like.

Finally, UNPRODUCTIVE:  you seem to have taken my original post, merely 
passing along data about a proposal that I think has significant 
merits, as a personal attack on your entire value system.  If you'd 
take a moment to breathe, take your meds, or whatever --- you'd see 
that you and I are more aligned than not on the ideological landscape.  
I hate taxes.  You apparently hate taxes.  The major difference is 
merely one of pragmatism and priors;  I simply regard this as a more 
likely positive change than holding out for a tax-free America.

BTW, I love a good ad hominem fest as much (more!) than anybody, but 
you seem to be struggling to make a point and your tactics are 
interfering with this.  Please try to make one, if you have one.  If 
your only issue was the word "voluntary" --- I think we've taken care 
of that, haven't we?



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