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Thu Apr 10 13:15:05 PDT 2003

W> Not yet.  First you have to stop lying.

W> D.

Oh oh !  If he stops lying will you stop trolling and/or go away?

Your whole sex classification system is severely out of whack.  To lie
 != female.  Silly assumptions of the sort you were alluding at (since
 you never did honestly come out and say it) are unnecessary.
 Furthermore, I'd wager good money, that in a
 test, Mr. Jeff Bone could better discern _his_ sex, than you could in
 the distant void.  Challenging him on it is a lost cause on your

 I demand bits from the newbie.

 Here, I'll start you off:

 Maryland Spammer gets slammed:

 "In what can only be described as a victory for all that's good and
 decent in the world, a judge ruled that an internet spammer had no
 right to have his personal information kept from being posted to
 Internet bulletin boards and discussion groups which are dedicated to
 the 'outing' of spammers," MAYORBOB writes. "The spammer's name is
 George A. Moore, and he owns and operates Maryland Internet Marketing
 Inc., which sells nutritional weight-loss products. Moore has been
 identified as a major spammer by at least one spam-tracking

PErsonally I like this.  I'm bummed its just a District Court
decision, and some enterprising AC judge will probably overturn the
ruling if it gets appealled.  BUt at least there is calm in the world
right now.

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