Congressman defends bill to require CDMA in Iraq

Justin Mason jm at
Thu Apr 10 14:16:18 PDT 2003

James Rogers said:
> From: Michael Shields [mailto:shields at] 
> > Well, this is a matter of opinion.  I am extremely 
> > unimpressed with current CDMA phones, especially since 
> > Motorola's new models are actually larger and heavier than 
> > the previous generation (V8160). My new Ericsson T600 
> > (800/1800/1900 GSM) is far superior.
> *Shrug*.  Motorola phones have generally sucked for a long time.  My
> Ericsson GSM phones were always better than my Motorola GSM phones.  Both
> the Europeans and Japanese know how to make better phones than Motorola in
> my opinion.

Well, I can agree on that at least.  Motorola == crud. ;)


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